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Support for men accused of sexual assault.

False Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Read John's Story
"How can this 'alleged victim' sleep after demolishing a man's life? I am a shell of a man, forever scarred by this."
my lawyer, jail, the police, expenses, nightmares, lost faith

Read Kay's Story
"This woman and her mother may destroyed our lives by taking away my best friend and the father of our son."
bail, debt, son loses father, suicide, ruined lives

Read Steve's Story
"I have become distant with my family. I am scared will be imprisoned. Accusations can destroy people."
sick girl, asked to leave, police, confused, scared, disbelief

Read Tanya's Story
"A 'social worker' accused Mark of groping our daughter when we let the girl sit on her father's knee."
social services, prison, indecent assault

Read Jeremy's Story
"The jury found him unanimously not guilty. Record of this fiasco will continue to appear on background checks."
party, alcohol, arrested, DNA, hung jury, false claims

Read Sarah's Story
"Jon is still in prison. He has served nine years. He has two more. Jane doesn't know Jon is incarcerated."
fifteen years old, angry father, come forward, imprisoned

Read Scott's Story
"My daughter got in the bed between my wife and I. She alleges that I touched her private parts."
police interrogation, revenge, seizure of electronics

Read Amanda and Shane's Story
"My husband and I have only ever had consensual sex, yet he is charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault."
under age, husband, Felony BC 948.02(2), Misd. A 940.225(3m).

Read Jacob's Story
"I feel incredibly afraid, sad, confused, and on the verge of being suicidal."
bodily markings, school girl, alcohol, counseling, suicide

Read Karen's Story
"He was accused of molesting his stepdaughter. Why? She is mad at him for not buying her a car that he promised."
divorce, stepdaughter, detention center, penal code

Read Safi's Story
"Everyday, I consider suicide. Why are men guilty of rape unless they prove their innocence?"
suicide, marriage, pakistan, police brutality

Read Eddie's Story
"My Father was falsely accused of sexually abusing his 30 y/o Granddaughter when she was a child."
paranoia, rumors, allegations, law, character assassination

Read Brad's Story
"This has been hell for me, my family. I wouldnt wish this on my worst emeny."
threesome, police, bail, wary of women, punishment

Read News Story
"US Supreme Court rejects death penalty for accused child rapists"
capital punishment, murder, death penalty for sexual assault

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